September 13th

So as everyone knows already, I’m a pretty rubbish girly girl. I love pretty dresses and all things floral but things like make up are just so bizarre to me that I’ve never been able to grasp it.

What the hell is BB Cream?? What’s a primer used for other than painting!? Why the hell are there so many different brands?!

So today I went to Priceline and spoke to a you girl there who helped me so blinking much!

She showed me some foundations and colour matched my skin to find the right tone. I’m like super uber ivory. Then she told me what a primer was and told me which one is a good one.

She also explained some brushes to me. I though they were all the same but different sizes depending on how big your face was. Apparently not.

So I ended up buying Rimmel London Stay Matte Fair Ivory Foundation, a Real Techniques brush to apply the foundation and also She Pure Magic Primer.

So I’m going to give these a go, I feel I need to practice before actually walking out of my house with it on.

I shall let you all know how I get on!

If anyone has any tips or advice on an awesome brand to try or the best way to apply certain makeups and how to use brushes please comment! I would love to hear suggestions!