Creepy Alarm!

So last night I went to bed at about half 10. Which is pretty early when I don’t have work the next morning. I also have a horrible cold so this was something I thought would make me feel better, having an early night in my lovely warm bed.

So I fell asleep and was having  a lovely dream about losing 2 and half stone in weight and finding £60 on the floor (immense!) to the house alarm going off. Now our alarm usually is set off by our two cats so I assumed someone had forgotten to let them out for the night.

I hear my mum go downstairs and after a little while she put the alarm back on and went back to bed. After returning to bed, about 4 minutes later, it went off again. So me and and my dad joined her in going downstairs.

We looked everywhere and found nothing but you know when you get that horrible feeling, well I had that and I felt really creeped out. So we all went back upstairs, obviously I had brought my new bag with me (Don’t want that being robbed!) and I went to bed.

Because I thought this whole saga was weird as hell I couldn’t get back to sleep! So as a result I was awake until 3:00am!!

And now I feel like death warmed up to above average temperature!!


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