So how did it go then?

Alarm set for 7:15am to ensure I have enough time to get ready and get to my interview with enough time so I’m not panicking and rushing. Get up, get ready, feel brilliant and quite confident as well as nervous as hell.

Get stuck in traffic for 20 minutes….

Get out of the traffic and make good time on other roads.

The road that the hospital is situated on is closed….

Follow diversion and get to hospital.

Can’t find a parking space…

This day just isn’t going well. As I’m walking to the building my interview is in all I can think about is: Oh god I’m going to be late, am I sweating? oh god its freezing! why does it have to rain right now? am I late? shit!

I get to the building and sign in. I’m told where to head – end of the carpet, up the stairs, go left, through glass doors, down the corridor to the end and sit on one of the three chairs there.

This is going ok now, I’m not sweating (too much) and my hair doesn’t look too bad (hopefully). I take my sopping wet coat off and sit down on the middle chair (this looked the most appealing) Then I notice..there’s actually four chairs…SHIT!? am I sat in the wrong place? no I can’t be…these are the only chairs…oh god, stop panicking!!

A few people walk past and give me empathetic looks, they know why I’m hear and whilst they’re all smiling at me on the outside I know that deep down they’re probably thinking “oh god not another young new nurse thinking she knows what she’s talking about” …. Judgmental penguins.

So I am called into the interview. The lady that brought me in seems nice, she’s wearing a lovely green top and has a big smiley face. This puts me more at ease. She’s also quite young.

I sit down. Opposite me are three young ladies who all look rather professional but friendly enough. They smile at me and in my head I’m thinking; crap am I sweating?! (I was but it was ok, didn’t need to lift anything above my head so they’d never know)

They start by introducing themselves and making a few jokes to put me at ease. This is good, not too bad so far. I could maybe actually get this job!

The lady in the middle, who I have just found out is the ward manager of the ward I would be working on, tells me that the interview is competency based so they will be asking questions about my experiences and how I have worked in practice. (Phew, glad I didn’t spend hours reading the policies etc.)

There are 9 questions in total, each lady asks 3 whilst the other two at the time write everything I say down (very quickly of course).

In about 15 minutes I realise that I have answered all 9 questions. They seemed pleased. Although they did tell me I was the quickest. (SHIT). But they then tell me that I was good at answering the questions and was able to give examples for each one (maybe not shit, oh good!).

We have about 10 minutes of just talking and them giving me a really good impression that I have done well and maybe I am actually in for a chance of getting the job. They tell me that they will ring me between 4pm and 5pm later today to let me know if I have the job. (OH GOD)

I thank them and they say bye and it was nice to meet me and all that jazz. (in my head I just want to jump on the table and scream “GIVE ME THE JOB PLEASE” but for obvious reasons I didn’t and just ended up walking out when I was meant to like a normal person would – Thank god!).

So I spend the day with my auntie and my nana just wasting time, buying extra large cupcake baking cases and things along these lines to make me feel better. (Whilst un-consciously thinking about all the cake I’m going to comfort eat if I don’t get this job).

I go gets to 4pm.

No phone call…..

Half 4…

No phone call…

4:55 and I text my friend who tells me its fine and no news is good news…

4:56 and I have realised they’re not phoning….

5pm and still no phone call…

5:05 and I cry! (Only joking, I just sat in my room feeling sorry for myself)

Anyway, every has said the same thing “tomorrow will be the day, no news is good news”

We will see!!!


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