Grand old Craic

So I have just come back from Ireland! I went there on the 26th and came back this morning – very very early!

I have family in a few places around Ireland but I haven’t been able to see them for nearly 10 years due to money and then uni so now I’ve finished uni, my mum decided that we should have a family holiday as I am moving to Australia next year and this may be our last chance.

So we drove from Manchester to Holyhead to board a huge boat with a shamrock painted on it and travelled across the Irish Sea to Dublin. We got off the boat at around 6am so it had been a very long night.

After 4 and half long hours of driving we eventually arrived in Birr which is a little town in Offaly. This is where we were going to be staying for the week with my uncle, aunty and cousins. I hadn’t seen my cousins since I was around 12 years old so it was weird meeting them all over again – We got on like a house on fire!

So we went out for Halloween in Birr and I dressed like where’s wally!


It was a great night and we all had a great laugh. It was good going out and drinking a little because we all felt more at ease and had a brilliant night.

Me and my sister were staying at my cousins house as there was not enough room in my uncles. My cousin is amazing! She has two small children, a little boy and a baby girl. She lives in a 4 bedroomed bungalow a 5 minute drive from her dad’s house in a nice part of the countryside. Before we went to her house my uncle had told us that he had put one of his horses in my cousins back garden…I thought he was joking – how wrong was i!!



This was the view from our bedroom window!!

On one of the days we decided to drive to Galway to see members of my dad’s side of the family. My uncle and aunty live on a farm in Headford in Galway which is about a 2 minute drive from a lake – Which my uncle owns part of.

We arrived at the farm just before it started getting dark and my uncle told us that he had just brought 3 calves into the barn to be weaned off their mothers. We had a nosey and they were huge! My sister has been scared of cows since she was little so I decided to take a photo to show her when we got back to Offaly.


We had dinner and then me, my mum, brother and sister drove to the lake. It looked amazing in the light and we managed to take lots of good photos.


Me standing on some random rock PA311503

Me with my mum and sisterPA311508


My uncles fishing boatPA311518

So the holiday was a great week away and I really enjoyed seeing all my family and re-meeting my cousins! Its also a great place for some amazing scenery. I spent the whole holiday taking photos of fields, sheep, cows. You name it, I photographed it!


Irish Ferries!!


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