Life after Uni…

So I miss being a student more than a lot of things right now. At the start of third year I couldn’t wait to finish because I was getting a bit bored and it seemed like the course would never end! But since finishing uni I’ve realised all I really want to do is go back!

I’ve been looking for jobs now since around August and have had one interview which I never heard back from. If I didn’t have Melbourne to look forward to in September 2013 I just think what the hell would I be feeling like now? Everyone else from my course and all of my close friends from uni have a job, yet I cant even get one!

I’m still working at the shop and I was promoted to Supervisor but this doesn’t help in getting my preceptorship out of the way before I go all the way to Australia to be a nurse over in Melbourne for a couple of years!!

I’m enjoying that I have Christmas off and I have a bit of spare time to do things such as seeing my boyfriend but all I really want is a real job. To actually put my degree to good use and do something I actually want to do.

Get me back – NOW!


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