17th December 2012

Today I had my second interview for a nurse position (for England – as I have a job in Australia next year) at 10:30am.

I got up nice and early – 8am. Had a shower, dried my hair and all that jazz whilst wearing just my underwear and bra to make sure I didn’t get sweat patches on my dress before I’d even left the house. Went to brush my teeth and there was no toothpaste!! I ended up using some horrible salty bicarbonate crap my mum uses which made my mouth taste like I’d licked a salty slug – not cool.

So after getting dressed and putting on lots of deodorant and perfume, I left the house.

It took me around 40 minutes to get to the interview place – which was up in the hills in Oldham somewhere. My satnav told me I had reached my destination half way down a very long road even though I deffinatly hadn’t reached my friggin destination so that panicked the living day lights out of me!

I got to the end of the long road and then saw the building I needed to be at. I then had the dilemma of parking. This building is on a corner surrounded by double yellow lines – What the frog!

So I sneaked Malcolm into the car park and had a wander around to the front of the building to find the reception.

I ended up sitting in reception with two of the staff for about 10 minutes. In this ten minutes I found out they were both divorced, one had a tight opening to her womb, one got told by her husband that she should wear make up and it ended in them arguing over having the window open or closed because one of them one having hot flushes because of her hormones!

One way to calm someone down before an interview…tell her about your menopause and tight womb opening!

So I had my interview and it took around 20 minutes – I’m not too sure if this is a good time or bad so lets just say good right now. I came out of it feeling ok, not as confident as my last interview – but I never heard back from this one so I cant compare really.

So after my interview I had to meet with a solicitor to get some documents certified for my AHPRA form. Oh dear lord was this boring.

The woman who was taking copies was about 60 and would not stop going on with herself about useless crap I didn’t really need to know. She copied all my documents and decided that she would change the ink cartridge in her stamp – which had a bit of a gap in it so it took her 12 attempts before she thought she’d just accept it was old, she showed me how to use the stamp, how to press the seal, how to put a sticker on, what the man would write, what pen he would use etc. THEN she took out a massive folder and started showing me what other peoples documents looked like – I DIDN’T CARE!

This then cost me £100!! £100 for someone to write “Yeah, this looks exactly like that one” – Robbing B*****d’s!!

I met my friend Sarah after this traumatic experience at Costa which was nice. We had a hot chocolate and the most chocolaty chocolate brownie in the world. It was amaze balls! We swapped Christmas presents as we probably wont see each other before Christmas now as we work lots and have other responsibilities – like sit at home watching the Walking Dead etc.


So overall it’s been a pretty eventful day!!

One step closer to Melbourne!


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