January 1st

Now I have decided that for the next year I am going to post on my blog every day. This probably will get very boring for readers but I think it’ll be good due to the upcoming events for 2013.

Tuesday January 1st 2013.

Having looked it up on Google, January 1st appears to be probably one of the most boring dates in the year. Yes it’s New Years day, but in the past nothing spectacular has happened or anyone brilliant was born. Rather boring really.

Happy New Year!

So I spent my day at work! It was a bit of a pointless shift due the fact that we had around 30 customers and made around £500. Me and my colleague worked out that it was costing the company around £200 to pay me and two others just for the day – Pointless.

After work I went round to my nanas for dinner. It was as impeccable as usual but due to the fact I have now worked 6 days in a row and I’m knackered, I didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as I usually would. We ended up watching television and snoozing for about 2 hours and then we came home.

I’m one of those people who hates New Year. I hate the fact that everyone gets really excited, and hate the prices of bars and clubs, I hate the hype there is around it. I don’t know whether this year I felt it was worse due to 2012 being one of the most awful years every or just that I’m becoming more grumpy about it as the years go on.

This year I spent my New Year feeling poorly and sitting in my nanas eating food and watching Bridget Jones’ Diary. I went home early and got into bed and watched dvd’s until I fell asleep. This was a good night – I enjoyed myself (bar being ill) and looked forward to having a lie in until 9 o’clock.

I managed to have a good sleep and didn’t wake up as many times as I usually do on an average evening. I think the fact that no one else was in the house made me sleep better due to it being quiet and not being able to hear my dad or sister snoring their heads off!!

I enjoyed listening and watching the fireworks from the comfort of my bed. Although I’m not a fan of lanterns! I was lying in my bed looking out the window when all I see is an orange ball of light fly past my window at ridiculous speeds. Now I do believe in aliens – not to the extent of Robbie Williams but I believe that they probably are out there somewhere. So when your minding your own business and see an orange ball of light zoom past your window you’re obviously going to assume its an alien – well I did.

After telling my mum she laughed and explained that it was a lantern so world wide panic was over – in my head. But really, who puts a flame in a giant paper bag and throws it in the air? What is it achieving really?

Anyway – here’s to a brilliant and hopefully much better 2013.


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