January 5th

On January 5th 1975, Bradley Cooper was born. Now if this is the same Bradley Cooper that I’m thinking of, it’s the really fit one from the Hangover!

Also on January 5th 1972, President Nixon ordered NASA to begin work on a manned space shuttle. Now I think this is awesome! As I have said before, I do believe in aliens but I have always been interested in space and the galaxies and stars. I think this is why I love Dr Who so much!!

So today me and my sister went to Chill Factor E! It was awesome! We had to get there 30 minutes before the time booked so we got there for just before 9. We got changed into our big waterproofs and snow boots and then started to take photos – like you do!

IMG_1237              IMG_1239

When it got to 9:25 the instructor came over and shouted for everyone that was Tubing to get in a group so that he could check our tickets. Well obviously this is something that everyone else except me and Megan know so we’ve already lost our tickets!! In the end the guy started to get quite mad and told me to go to the reception desk and get new ones printed – so off I toddled to get new tickets before our bald instructor blew his own face off!

We eventually get tickets and get out onto the slopes and it is the most fun I’ve had in a long time! You have to pick a big rubber ring and go up a little escalator to the top and then the two instructors at the top push you down. They sometimes spin you and push you down backwards! It’s so much fun.

IMG_1243 IMG_1271









It was so much fun, I would deffinatly recommend it to families for a fun day out and for friends wanting to have a good day. It’s quite expensive but I think the amount of fun you have deffinatly out weighs the price!

Also today, me and my sister went out and bought her a car. Not an expensive one before you jump to conclusions that we’re rich and can afford a new car every day. It’s a little navy Vauxhall Corsa. Megan’s called him Flounder because his registration is FND – simpleton.

For my last little bits of celebrations, we had a Chinese take away delivered to the house and my nana and two aunties came down. After the Chinese was eaten and our tummies were full to the brim, we had birthday cake!!


Overall it’s been a good couple of days and I’ve really enjoyed myself. I keep thinking too that this time next year I’ll be celebrating my birthday on the other side of the world!


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