January 13th

Today is Orlando Bloom’s birthday. I was so obsessed with Orlando when I was younger. It all started with Lord of the Rings when he played Legolas. Now what 14 year old girl could resist a gorgeous elf? Not me! So after that he was in Pirates of the Caribbean which made me love him even more! Since growing up a bit I realised we would never meet and I shouldn’t wait for him to propose.

So in 1979  on this day, The Y.M.C.A. filed a lawsuit against the Village People over their song, "Y.M.C.A." – I think this is pretty funny to be honest. Mostly because I bet hardly anyone would know about the YMCA if the song had never been written!

So today I worked…again. It was really quiet today, even worse than yesterday. So I’m working tomorrow and then I have two days off work. I’m going to Derby after work tomorrow and then on Tuesday I’m going to my friend’s house with my other friend to see her baby.

She gave birth on Christmas day..he’s basically been born as Jesus! From photos he looks really cute too!!

Today has been so boring! I really cant wait to just do something fun with my life. I want to get a new job and then earn lots of money and then move to Australia and have the most amazing experience ever!

I’ve started selling things on EBay again. Last year I made around £300 just on selling t-shirts and dresses that I’d had for years. From working at the shop, over the years I’ve collected a massive amount of clothes that I’d worn for uniform. After they go out of season though I cant wear them for work so they just sit in my drawer. So I decided to sell them on EBay and make some money. I’m hoping that the money I make can go in my savings for things I need in the next year.

I get money back for my flight and temporary accommodation but I still have to pay for it first before I get the money back. I worked out that the flight will be about £800 and accommodation is a lot more! So I have £600 already saved but there’s a lot more that I need. I’m planning on putting money away from my wages.

January is always tough for money. It’s always after Christmas when we get paid Christmas Eve and then its 6 weeks before next payday. Bad times for me!!


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