January 14th

So today there were quite a few birthdays – Jason Bateman, LL Cool J, Benedict Arnold and I’m sure that it was Taylor Lautner’s birthday too!

In 1990 The Simpsons was premiered on Fox.

So today I worked yet again but after work I got to see my boyfriend! I drove to Derby straight from work and managed to get to Derby at around 5:30pm. James then finished work late so whilst he was walking home I sat in my freezing cold car going through every Instagram photo I could find.

Now I think Instagram is an amazing app for your phone. You get to see the photos people take wherever they are in the world. For example I follow the Kardashian’s. Now they live in Calabasas in America and I’m able to see their photos that they’ve taken from my little car in England.

So anyway I stayed over at James’ which was good because I’ve only seen him once this year which is not a lot at all! He made wraps for tea which were surprisingly good – I’m a really fussy eater!

We started watching Super Bad but then I fell asleep so I went to bed. Super Bad has to be my all time favourite film of all time. I absolutely love it.  It is probably the film that sums up my life – funny and a bit crude. Perfect!

It’s so snowy in Derby compared to Manchester – Here is some photos as proof!





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