January 15th

So born on this was was Martin Luther King Jr. – This is the only interesting fact I could find about this very odd and boring day.

So today I mostly done nothing. I woke up at James’ and we chilled out for a couple of hours which was really nice. It’s rare that we both have a day off together so when I stayed last night it was good because we could have a lie in together.

I set off home at about half 12. The drive from Derby to Manchester takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes which is a long time to be sat in one place doing nothing but looking at a road! It’s even worse when there’s a diversion!! So it was an even longer drive – there was also a lot of traffic!

I got home and rang up to arrange another interview. I now have 3 coming up in the next 3 weeks so I need to make sure I get one of these jobs! This interview is next Tuesday so I’ve got less than a week to prepare myself. I will get one of these jobs or I’m going give up on the whole nurse things!

So I went to the gym tonight. It was good but we didn’t get to go on the treadmill because there wasn’t any free for agggeeessss! I have noticed though that I have this thing where I feel comfortable talking to absolute and complete strangers. I don’t know if this comes from working in a shop for over 3 years or just because of my degree and having to work with a bit odd people every day for all of those years. I think it may be a combination of both though to be honest!

So after the gym I went with my sister to drive on the motorway. She got her car last week and hasn’t been on the motorway yet. She has to drive to Liverpool tomorrow though for uni so she had to practice tonight. So I went with her. I shit myself! It’s horrible sitting in a car having no control of where we’re going and what not.

I’m getting my hair done tomorrow! I shall post a photo!

Ta ta


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