January 16th

In 1547, Ivan the Terrible was crowned the first czar of Russia – I’m guessing this is like a King or something similar to that nature.

In 2003, Space shuttle Columbia blasted off on what would be its final mission. The craft broke up on its descent on Feb. 1, killing all on board – I really don’t remember this, I guess I was only 12 but still, I remember September 11th so why did this not stay in my brain.

So today has been rather uneventful – I am ill!

I woke up this morning and have the worst headache ever, I also cannot breathe out of my right nostril and I think that I am dying! I have been sat in my room for 2 hours now with tissue stuck up my nose whilst watching New Girl in bed. I have now watched the whole 1st season I got for my birthday in one day – I enjoyed it thoroughly.

My favourite episode is when Jess meets her new boyfriend and they want to have sex for the first time. Jess buys basically a piece of string that is like a panel less swimming costume to impress Paul. They get down to having sex and they put on fake voices and it is mental. It’s one of the funniest episodes ever.

So I got my hair cut today =) It looks awesome. The only thing is that my fringe is always too short after I’ve first had it done. I have really dark eyebrows so when I get my hair highlighted and my fringe cut it means my hair looks mentally light!

It usually grows out again within a week though so hopefully by my interview next Tuesday I’ll look relatively normal again – PLEASE!

So me and my sister are going to Aquatone at the gym tonight. God knows what it’s going to be like. I have the image of lots of old fat ladies jumping around in a pool. Not sure it will be exactly this but it probably will.

If I’m honest though, I really cant be bothered going to the gym so this is a good alternative I think. I wont have to run or go on the cross trainer which I think would kill me right about now!We had to go on the cross trainer last night as the treadmills were all taken and I can honestly say I hate them. I used to be able to do 40-60 minutes on one but now I can do about 15 minutes – and that’s pushing it!!

So I’m off to the gym now..wish me luck with the oldies!!


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