Cupcakes Galore

So it’s been quite a while since I’ve baked anything and I’m really starting to miss it!

The last thing I baked was my Halloween short bread in the shape of bats and spooky things! I’m really in the mood at the minute to make some cupcakes.

I managed to get the icing down to an art when I was making them on regular occasions. I’d go down to my nanas and use her kitchen. She has all the best kitchen appliances and tools.

Her mixer is deffinatly one of the best. Her last one recently broke, she had had it for years and as long as I can remember – which is a very long time. She got it replaced by some amazing new up to date mixer. It’s good due to her arthritis getting worse so she cant manually mix everything by hand.

She also uses the best baking ingredients. My nana is a bit of a snob when it comes to cake ingredients!

I really want to start making more difficult types of designs for the icing. I’ve mastered the butter icing and making it swirly, not really worked at doing more elaborate icing.

I’ve seen a few online which are awesome.


For the past couple of years I’ve been a bit obsessed with owls. I have a wide variety of owl jewellery and clothes. These cupcakes really caught my eye. I’m thinking these could deffinatly be the next challenge!!

pink cupcakes

I also really like these ones. I like the bottom left one the most. I love girly designs and colours. So a pink flowery design on a cake is probably the best thing a girl could want! I’d have to try and master roll out icing!!


I also LOVE these! They’re so cute!! I think it could be quite easy to make the little lady bugs but maybe not so easy to make the grass!!

When I next make some cupcakes, I’ll be sure to upload some photos!


2010-07-31 21.36.32

These are some iced fairy buns that me and my nana made last year.



My first try at swirly butter cream icing!


My favourite cupcakes so far =)


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