January 18th

In 1733 on January 18th the first polar bear was exhibited in America, In Boston. Now I think this is pretty big! It makes me think, how the hell in 1733 did people manage to get a polar bear in Boston?! How did they get it into the exhibition?

There are some famous birthdays on this day too! Jason Segal, Kevin Costner and Dave Batista – a wrestler who me and my brother thought was amazing when we were younger!

Aren’t thieves awful!! A woman came into work today and robbed two tops! I was downstairs in the stockroom sorting a delivery when it was all going on. Why do people think it’s ok to steal things?

There are so many people who can’t afford things but hardly any of them would steal. Also, people who do work to earn money to buy things are just basically being laughed at by robbing little idiots!!

Now I  managed to get a quick look at the woman who stole from the shop. She was vile! She was wearing boys clothes and was rather on the plump side… She looked rough as anything like she was on a dinner break from filming the TV show, Shameless.


I also have a new obsession with Keeping up with the Kardashians! When me and my family went to Ireland on holiday to visit family; me and my sister stayed at our cousins house. Whilst we were there we watched a few episodes of the show with my cousin and since getting back from Ireland my sister has been recording it on the TV.

Whenever I heard about the Kardashians in the past I just thought they were really stuck up and thought they were better than everyone else. But after watching the show they remind me of my family. They’re really down to earth and just like normal people which is quite refreshing to see on the television.

It’s one of those programmes that makes you smile to yourself and laugh when something happens that’s funny. They’re all mental and quite crude. They make me think of how me and my sister are together.

CIMG0543 (2)

This is me and my two sisters and brother last year. They have to be some of the best people you could ever ask for to be related to. My sister Megan, (on the far right) is 19 and is in 2nd year of university. We argue a lot but she’s one of the only people I can really trust with a lot of things.

Kieron is 18 this year =) he’s mint. We get on really well – I think it’s because we have the same personality and sense of humour.

My little sister, Nicola is 15. She has learning disabilities but I wouldn’t change her for the world. I would be the first person to jump at protecting her from anyone that may cause her harm. She has an amazing memory but isn’t very good at mathematics – at all!

CIMG0515 (2)

This is my whole family on that day in 2011. Love them so much! They’re a crazy bunch of loons but they’re my little crazy bunch of loons =)


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