January 19th

So the only interesting fact among celebrities and famous people is that it is Dolly Parton’s birthday. Not a massive day for celebrity lovers.

This day a year ago, my grandma died. She was 74. Me and my grandma always argued when I was little and she used to be quite a harsh and hard lady. In her later years she was diagnosed with Early onset Dementia.

As a result of this, my grandma became quite relaxed and more laid back about things. She was a lot nicer and happier with everyone. I used to go round and see if she was ok every now and then when I came back from university but overall she appeared to like her own company.

It’s really odd to think that it has been a year since she passed away. It’s gone really quick. A lot has happened in a year since she died. She’s missed a lot which is really sad.

Me_&_Grandma (2)

This is me and my grandma at Christmas the year before she died. She used to hate photos so this is the most recent photo I’d had with her before she died. I wish I’d taken more.


Today was a relatively normal day at work. Although a weird child came into work with no top on. Now this wouldn’t annoy me as much usually but it’s been snowing…why the hell does a teenage boy – with a below average body – walk around a busy shopping center wearing no top? Stupid emo’s.

Another weird thing that I saw today was a couple of Goth’s who looked exactly the same. This is weird because they were an actual couple as in a boy and a girl. They both had long limp black hair and were wearing long black coats and big black and silver boots. They spent 5 minutes standing in front of the mirror looking and smiling at each other – friggin weirdo’s!


I’m so tired the past couple of days. My next day off is Tuesday but I have an interview and have to get up at half 6 to get there on time! So my next actual lie in isn’t until Thursday. It’s now only Saturday! That means I have 4 early mornings before I get a nice lie in! Bad times for me!!

This week is mostly full of work but I have an interview on Tuesday and I’m seeing my uni friend on Thursday and we might be going ice skating! I’m really excited for this. I’ve not been ice skating for years – although I’m not really any good at it and I fall a lot so that’s not very good. Ah well, I can only try!!!


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