January 28th

Today is Elijah Wood’s birthday. The man who became a hobbit is celebrating his birthday today!!!

On this day in 1935, Iceland became the first country to legalize abortion. I think this is pretty odd. I think that it’s quite peculiar that out of all countries in the world, it was Iceland that was first in legalizing something like this.

Today is National Kazoo Day!!!

I cried today. I cried today in front of 3 mechanics, in a garage, with other people in. I couldn’t even help it…it just happened.

Since having my car repaired on Friday there has been a noise coming from under the front of the car. I assumed that the mechanic had clipped something or had forgotten to tighten one of the bolts. But no…the frigging gear box has gone!!!!!


When they were telling me how much it would cost, I felt my eyes starting well up. Not because I’m a freak, I just felt really poo! Then because I was crying I felt even more stupid and ended up crying even more!

I think they felt really sorry for me. They ended up putting oil in my gearbox for free when it should have cost me nearly £30. So now I have to buy a gearbox and then pay the mechanics to fit it. I have an interview on Wednesday. How am I going to get to the interview?!

I’m so fed up of cars!


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