January 30th

Born on this day: Christian Bale, Phil Collins and Franklin Roosevelt.

Died on this day: Gandhi

1969 In London, England, the Beatles made their last public appearance

1972 British soldiers shot dead 13 people in a banned Catholic civil rights march in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, in a clash known as "Bloody Sunday."

1984 Keeping their lucky numbers secret from each other, Robert and Anna Rucker, of Florissant, Missouri, both ended up winning over one-million dollars with identical numbers for the Illinois State Lottery

So I make it to the hospital with 20 minutes to spare to find a space and then get to the building that my interview is being held. I pull into the first car park on the right when you drive into the hospital main entrance.

I find a space and think this is pretty lucky. Then I realised it was pay and display. Luckily I had £10 in my purse – obviously the pay machine doesn’t take notes – So like a crazy woman I had to walk around the car park asking people if they might have some change for a ten pound note.

So after asking about 4 people I finally manage to get some change from a lovely lady who I figured was taking her mum to an appointment – she was with an old lady. I put the money in the machine and get my ticket.

Whilst all of this hoo-har had been going on the wind and the rain had gotten to the point where if you were wearing a wig, you’d have lost it.

I put the parking ticket in my car and start heading to the main entrance when I realise that I don’t have a clue where I’m actually going. So I find out by checking on my phone and find some signs to the building that my email told me I needed to be at.

So I’m walking round the grounds following tiny blue signs and arrows to my interview destination and the wind and the rain is getting heavier and heavier. I literally am getting so wind swept it is untrue. My hair is everywhere and my shoes are soaking wet.

I find the building and just as I am taking the last few steps to the entrance, a friggin twig comes flying at my head! The wind blew a twig into my face! Then after making it into the building with my face still attached, I find out that I need to go back outside and go through a different door.

I step outside and the wind hits me – my hood falls off and my hair literally flies up in the air as if I was hanging upside down! I get to the waiting room for my interview and am literally sweating! After walking in the cold and the wind and the rain for 10 minutes and then getting into the warmest waiting room ever I think my body went mental and starting to backfire on me!

There was another person waiting in the waiting room. It was pretty weird at first because she seemed really mature and kind of ‘up herself’ but when I started talking to her I realised that she was actually a little bit odd.

She told me that she lived in Stockport an she had been to uni to do photography but is going back in March to do nursing. She was applying for a HCA post. I think when she realised I was there for the nurse’s position she felt a little weird because I’m a lot younger than her. She seemed to act a lot differently when she was telling about herself. She told me that she had suffered from depression but hasn’t been on medication for 3 years so she thinks she’s ok – not really something you go round telling people the first time you’ve met them though.

So I was called into the interview – they all knew about the twig incident because the receptionist told them. Ah well – set the interview off in a good direction. It was a really good interview, I was able to answer every question and I seemed to put across my personality throughout.

This job is for a bank position on an adhoc basis which is really good for me. It means I can have both the job I already got and this one running side by side to get some extra money.

I’ll find out on Friday if I’ve got the job so hopefully I done well enough!!!


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