January 31st

I have just come back from seeing The Lion King musical at the Palace Theatre in Manchester. OH MY GOD!

Last year, for my birthday, James took me to London and we watched it at the Lyceum Theatre and I loved it. It’s the second show I’d ever been to see and I loved every minute of it. When I found out that it was coming to Manchester, I decided that I would buy myself, my sister and my brother tickets to see it as their birthday presents.

So tonight was the night and it was just as good as the first time I saw it. The performers are amazing and I loved the whole vibe and atmosphere around the whole show.

I think the Lion King is one of those things that people of all ages love and connect with. There were people from a variety of ages in the audience, children, teenagers, adults and elderly. It’s a show that attracts everyone and when everyone see’s it they enjoy it.

Because I’d seen it before I knew that some of the performers enter the stage through the back of the stalls and walk through the aisles of the crowd – my sister didn’t. At the beginning when the animals start walking down the aisle she literally pooed herself! It was hilarious! She also fell asleep half way through!! I had to elbow her to wake her up!

My favourite character has to be Rafiki and at the beginning when she starts singing, i literally got goosebumps. Lion King is deffinatly an all time classic!

The Lion King




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