I had an appointment at 9:00am – I get up really early and make sure I brush my teeth with triple the amount of cleaning power to make sure they are perfect for Derek, my dentist.

They recently moved to a different area so I hadn’t been there before so I set off a little earlier than usual to make sure I find it ok. I park up at 8:45 and see Derek and his team walking into the building. I get out of my car and walk up to the door which is locked.

Now for every appointment whether this be at the dentist or a doctor, they always tell you to get there early because if you are late they may move onto the next person. Why the hell do they make appointments for 9:00am if people have to wait in the freezing cold for 10 minutes because they have the courtesy to actually be on time if not earlier.

I was stood outside for a good ten minutes freezing my socks off! I literally thought my nipples had frost bite! Whilst waiting a staff member walked past me into the building and just before she closed the door she turned to me and said “we don’t open until 9:00am” I KNOW THAT!! “Yes, I have an appointment at 9:00am” I say through a gritted frozen stuck smile.

Did she think I just have a weird hobby and like to stand outside Dentist Practices to ensure the staff get there on time every day? What the blinking heck is wrong with her!

So eventually after 4 fingers have dropped off, they opened the door. I was about to walk into the door when an old Asian man literally runs in front of me so he can get to the reception first – Rude.

I’m given a quick survey to complete whilst I’m waiting – I complain about having to wait outside in the cold – Obviously. I also tell them that they should change their first appointment time, or open earlier.

I’m called in and Derek welcomes me with an x-ray. Now I friggin hate these – Why are the parts that need to go in your mouth so big? No one can possibly feel comfortable whilst having an x ray at the dentist’s. It hurts my mouth and my teeth and gums and inside cheek parts! I tell Derek this and he laughs and tells me to stop moving my tongue – Cheers for the advice!

I found out I have to have a filling on the 13th February – Bad frigging times for me!


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