February 10th

EBay has to be one of my favourite things to do recently. Over my years of working at the store I have collected a wide range of clothes that I have worn as uniform.

The store I work at is an alternative music and clothing store so it’s not clothes that I would wear outside of work. Therefore when the stock becomes old and we don’t sell it anymore, It sits in my wardrobe or cupboard and just takes up space.

So I have now sold nearly all of my old clothes which has made me about £350 altogether which really is AWESOME!

There are just a few things I really hate about EBay:

  1. Why don’t people pay as soon as they win an item!?
  2. Whenever I buy something on EBay I am so polite and scared the person is going to hate me that I instantly pay for it. I want good feedback!!! I have currently been waiting 3 days for 2 people to pay me since they won their items. I wanted to post them tomorrow before work – but no!!

  3. Why do people not give you feedback?!
  4. I give feedback as soon as the person has paid me. I always write quick payment and thank them for buying an item. It’s nice to do this. It gives them good ratings and then in the future they may come back to you!

  5. Why do people complain about postage and packaging prices?

When I sell items on EBay, I research how much it is going to cost me with P&P. I don’t care how much people pay for the item but I am not getting out of pocket to post their items out. My P&P prices are usually £1.20. I had a feedback before stating my prices were ‘too expensive’. How are they expensive? This is the price from Royal Mail you douche bag!


Apart from these three little but VERY irritating issues – EBay is a very good way to make money. Especially if you are as poor as me!!


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