February 15th

I have just found out that my frigging sister has got the dates wrong for the spa weekend!!!!!

I asked her about 10 times what the dates were so I could make sure I booked the wrong days off and she got angry with me and told me it was the last weekend in February.

It was such a hassle trying to make sure that I could get the weekend off due to other staff needing the weekend off too. My boss had to tell other people they had to work so I could go to the spa.

My mum told me when I came home from work. My sister hasn’t even told me that she got the dates wrong! Why the hell does she think that this is ok not to tell me when it causes so many issues for me at work!?

So now I have another whole month to wait for a nice relaxing weekend off.


I was planning on taking a little holiday at the end of March. My last day at work will be the 23rd March so  was hoping to go away for a couple of days to somewhere nice and hot. I can’t do that now if it means that I’m going to the spa during that week.

I was looking forward to it so much and now this has put a massive downer on the whole trip! I just know that If it was the other way round and I had got dates wrong – my sister would blinking kill me!


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