February 16th

I had such an amazing day today!

After work – one of the longest shifts in the world – I drove to my nanas house and stayed the night.

My nana lives with my two aunties so we had a big girly sleepover. When I got there me and my nana watched the most amazing Saturday night television ever – NOT! We had to wait for my aunties to come home from shopping before we could order food – this felt like forever!

Since I was little I’ve loved Pizza Hut, so that’s what we planned to order! When it came it was just amazing. When you get to the point where you are so hungry you could eat a horse – oh lord, don’t actually want to go to Tesco and buy a horse filled beef burger though – and your tummy literally feels like someone has stabbed you with an icicle, it doesn’t matter what you eat, it just tastes like the most amazing thing in the world. – that’s exactly how I felt.

My aunties bought me a big bar of dairy milk caramel for a snack for the evening which was great. I’m a very big chocolate fan and I honestly could live off it. I’d just bit a big blob though eventually – maybe not a good idea.

We had facemasks and watched a film and it was awesome! Proper girly night full of girly things.


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