February 17th

Today I want to talk about something I cannot stand in the whole world – bad drivers!!

On the route home from work, there’s one point on the main road at traffic lights, that two lanes merge into one lane due to parked cars. Every single time it gets to that point in the road I can feel myself becoming an angry rally driver.

It annoys me that people think that if they drive like a maniac they can just cut in in front of other cars and it be alright. What if their judgment was completely off and they crashed into someone!!

Another thing that annoys me is people not indicating! They are there for a reason!!! If you are turning a frigging corner and there is someone behind you, then indicate so people know where you’re meant to be going!


6 months after passing my driving test I had a car crash. A girl pulled out across two lanes in front of my car and I ended up going straight into the side of her. My car was a complete write off and I was devastated!

I had a really bad back for a couple of weeks afterwards and started getting really bad headaches. Ever since this I’ve always had a really sore back which has never really got better. I got compensation which I was really thankful for because it helped me buy another car.


Everyone always goes on about women being really bad drivers but if you actually think about it why would owning a vagina make you a bad driver? It has to be one of the most preposterous things that people say.

Women are meant to be the worse drivers but on a personal level, I know the same amount of women and men that have had car crashes. I also know more males that have died or been seriously injured in the crash than women.

Surely this would mean that maybe women are the better drivers – or I guess, safer crashers.


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