February 25th

Last night we got one of the worst phone calls I could imagine.

My nana was taken to the hospital after a heart attack and a stroke.

She had been feeling down in the weather the past few days but wanted to go to Birmingham to see my dads auntie who’s in hospital. Her and my aunties went down saturday and came home yesterday.

Whilst my nana was upstairs, she fell and my aunties said that her face had dropped on one side. They phoned an ambulance and then phoned my dad.

I was in bed at the time of the phone call but knew as soon as the phone rang that something was wrong – it was too late for a normal chat.

I hadn’t heard anything by 1:30am so I went to sleep. I had work this morning at 8:30 and finished at 4 so me, mum and dad went to the hospital to see if she was ok.

My nana is one of the most happiest people alive. She has rosy cheeks and always has a nice warm glow and appearance.

When I walked in the room she was sat in a chair next to the bed and she just didn’t even bat an eyelid. She smiled after a couple of minutes but it just didn’t seem right. It was like it wasn’t my nana in there.

All she kept saying was that she wanted to go home and sleep in her own bed. She looked tired and could barely keep her eyes open.

I got really upset. She just wasn’t herself and after always seeing her smiling and being happy it was a horrible shock to see her like this. It’s like she’s finding it hard to do anything.

I just hope she comes back to me, my happy and amazing nana.

I already miss her.


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