March 2nd

It’s my friends baby’s first birthday on Monday. I decided I would make some cakes.

After last nights bit of a disaster I thought I’d stick with making my favourite – fairy buns!

I’ve literally just got home now after starting baking at about half 8 at my nanna’s and aunties house.

Went very well – here’s some photos






I decided to make some of the buns look like ice creams. I used butter cream on top and swirled using a piping bag. If you start in the centre and slowly twist whilst staying fairly central it turns into a perfect ice cream whip.

I then cut some cadburys flake and put it in the top of the icing at an angle – resulting in the look of 99p ice cream cones!

On the other buns I just used icing sugar and water and added two drops of red food colouring gel to turn the icing pink ( I don’t think the picture does it much justice regarding how cute the pink icing actually is!)

Then I spread it evenly on the top and made it into a circle then put a Malteser in the middle on top!

Wah La! – buns for the party!


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