March 7th

Giving clothes away is seriously such a hard thing to do!

I’ve been clearing out my wardrobe, cupboards and drawers the past couple of weeks and I have like a massive bag of clothes that I want to get rid of. The only problem is that I don’t know where they are going to end up.

I’d give my clothes to charity but I just feel weird giving my clothes away for free and someone else making money out of them. I know it’s awful and I know it’s all for charity but I just don’t like the idea. Especially because I know that they’re amazing clothes mostly from Topshop or other shops around that price range.

I’d give my clothes away to other people – friends, family etc. – but then id be annoyed if they wore it because I’d realise that I really want them back because I forgot how they look when they’re actually on. Then I’d be annoyed if they didn’t wear them. I’d be annoyed at them for just hoarding my clothes – don’t say you want them if you don’t actually think you’ll wear them!

I’d throw them away but then I worry about the fact that they’ll just be in a bin somewhere. After spending so much money on clothes, throwing them away would just be like me throwing money in the bin – NOT GOOD!

There are these little shops around my house that give you money for every 5kg of clothes that you bring in. It’s usually between £3 and £5 so it’s not a lot. When I think about how many £30 tops I can fit in a bag it just seems like a bit of a rip off giving someone my clothes! Then I think what do they actually do with them? Do I give random people free nice fashionable clothes? They should just go out and buy them from the shops! Cheap skates!

So I’ve resorted to eBay. This has been going relatively well – Over the past two years I’ve made about £400 on selling clothes. The only issue with eBay is that people sometimes don’t pay. I’ve already made a blog about all the things that annoy me about eBay so feel free to have a look – don’t want to repeat myself too much.

The only thing is, you have to be very picky about things that you sell on eBay because if you don’t manage to sell them you still have to pay to put them up – it’s only 15p I hear you say – 15p is a lot when you’re a 22 year old supervisor with an antique car to keep on the road and move to Australia to pay for!

So this still doesn’t give me an answer as to what actually to do with the massive black bag I have in my room full of clothes not suitable for eBay, Charity Shops, Bin, Friends, blah blah blah.

Looks like it’ll be there for a very long time.


5 thoughts on “March 7th

  1. only1katieb says:

    I always intend to sell stuff on Ebay but never end up doing so. Then I think I’ll do a car boot but that never happens. What tends to happen is I give my clothes to friends or family and whatever else is left I end up giving to a charity shop. I reckon I give the charity shops at least 3 or 4 bags of clothes and other bits and bobs every year. I cannot bear the thought of throwing clothes away and would not want them to end up as rags. At least by giving them to a charity shop they can make some money out of it and someone gets a bargain along the way. This has just always been my way of thinking. “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” Most of my stuff has been like new, some even has had labels on and all stuff has been from high street shops and some designer. My mum reckons the charity shops must love me, ha. I do actually feel quite pleased with myself when I have given them stuff, like I have done something worthwhile 🙂

      • only1katieb says:

        Lol, I know what you mean. What you should do is turn it into a positive and think of how happy you have made someone :). I always wonder how I’d feel if I saw someone wearing something I had given to one of the shops. I think it would be quite funny but rewarding too.

      • only1katieb says:

        I keep meaning to go and have a nosy in them myself. My mum gets some real bargains in them. But then Topshop just drags me back in, he he. Good luck with your bag of happiness. I will be having a good sort out next week and giving away a few bags myself 😉

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