March 14th

I have always been one of those unfortunate people in life who suffers from acne.

It started in year 7/8 in high school and this practically ruined the first 3 years of school.

Having spots is just one of those things that you can’t change and the more stressed out you get about them, the worse they get. It’s literally one of the most vicious circles any teenager could go through.

So I used to regularly be at the doctors asking for tablets or creams to make them go away – it took ages before I found something that worked.

So I thought I’d use this post to let people know what I have found to have worked for me.

I have quite oily skin so I’ve tried quite a few things for this. The worst areas are the T-zone probably the same as most people. My chin is deffinatly the worst area though.

Recently I’ve found that Body Shop tea tree skin products have been really helpful for my skins.


I use this face mask around twice a week, usually on a Wednesday and a Saturday. I leave it on for about half an hour to an hour – even though it says leave on for around 10 minutes – and then I wash it off with warm water and cotton pads. After taking it off it makes your skin feel really smooth and it helps to clear up any blemishes. This mask costs £10 but lasts for a very long time so it is well worth the money!


I use this exfoliant because its not too hard. There are only smalls bit of exfoliant pieces in the wash which is good if you’ve got sensitive skin. It helps to clean your skin as well as soften it. This costs around £5 but lasts for ages due to only needing a small bit.


This exfoliant is like a mini microdermabrasion. It’s quite rough on your face so I wouldn’t use a lot or it might hurt a bit! I got this one as a free gift for spending over £15 so I’m not sure how much it is to buy.


I use this face wash twice a day. It’s really good for clearing your skin. You only need to use a small bit as it lathers really quickly and easily. It’s makes your skin feel refreshed and clean straight away. It does hurt if it goes in your eyes though so I’d watch out for that. This costs £5 or £6 but I usually buy two bottles at a time because it can be used up quite quickly.


Last but not least, I use this toner twice a day after using the face wash. This is refreshing and helps clean pores and ensure that the skin is still kept cleaned after being washed. It costs around £6.

It looks like I’ve just gone bonkers but when you actually find something that seems to work – you buy it all!!


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