March 15th


Now I’m not too bothered about spiders. It’s not something that I’d say I was frightened of, but if I go to bed and there’s one remotely close to me that’s it – I turn into a ninja.

A couple of days ago I got into bed and was watching a film on my laptop. I decided to get a bit more comfortable and moved one of my pillows to find a spider just creeping around trying to get a sneak attack on my face! So I flicked it. Don’t know where it went but since then I’ve been very careful before getting into bed.

So I’m in my room tonight doing my exersizes like I usually do before going to bed and I spot it. The top right corner of my wall above my door – a huge thick black spider. Just waiting for me to go to sleep so it can crawl into my mouth – I heard a story when I was little that people eat on average of 8 spiders in their life and this is because when they’re asleep a spider crawls into their mouth looking for water – it’s going to make a home in my body and I’m not having it!

It’s currently sat in the corner just doing nothing and this is the worst part – the wait. I’m sat on my bed cross legged watching it – making sure it doesn’t hide or camouflage itself into my cream walls so that I think I’m safe until I’ve accidentally had a late night snack of arachnid!

As I’m typing its walking slowly towards my direction – I’m pooing myself! It’s only a matter of time before I have to face my fear and find something to transport this mini beast from my room to the bath.

Maybe I’ll shout my mum for back up…



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