March 17th

Happy St Patrick’s Day!!!

As I was browsing through YouTube the other day – as I usually do when I’m trying to get to sleep – I found an amazing video of Ed Sheeran doing a cover of No Diggity. I have to say it is frigging awesome.

I have never really gotten this way about an artist before. I used to be obsessed with Eminem when I was younger but this is different. When I hear Ed Sheeran I just feel happy.

It makes me imagine that I’m somewhere else.

There are certain songs which I listened to a lot in summer so now when I hear them when I’m sat in my room on a cold March evening it just takes me straight back to a happy time driving with friends with the sun gleaming.

It’s the words as well though. When I listen I just think they’re so innocent.

I’m not a crazy stalker who would say I’m in love and will marry him. I just really appreciate his songs and his singing voice.

“Shock horror I’m down” – Story of my life at the minute!

I think it’s always good to have that one thing that makes you feel calm and happy – for me at the minute listening to Ed Sheeran seems to help – I’m not complaining =)


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