March 23rd

Day one of not knowing what the frig James is doing. I’m ok. I can handle this.

So I was working today and we were training some of the new staff for the new store.

I realised after a while that the lad I was training had been in the store before. I knew I’d recognised him but I couldn’t remember where from. Then it hit me!

He had been shopping with one of his girl mates who I speak to when she comes in the store. He was pretty funny but was drunk!

I told him that I remembered him and he just couldn’t remember a thing. I think after he realised I wasn’t scary he started to get less nervous too which was good.

We had a good laugh but he was rather flirty which was odd. I never really notice flirting but with him it’s pretty obvious!

First day James is away and some lad is already flirting with me!!! Something’s not right!


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