March 24th

Isn’t the modern day world just amazing,

When you actually think of things that we can do but just take for granted.

For example, posting things. Since selling things on eBay, I have realised just how amazing Royal Mail and other post companies are. The fact that me, little old Jo in England can send something to a completely different part of the world just amazes me.

I sold a t-shirt the other day to a woman in Moscow, Russia. The fact that something which I have owned and has been in my house will in a couple of days, if not already, be on the other side of the world with a Russian lady just bewilders me!

Another thing I find amazing is the internet. The fact that we have an internet altogether astounds me sometimes to the point of laughing nervously. Who would have know that one day we would be so intelligent to have computers and the wonderful World Wide Web.

I have just literally a couple of minutes ago been talking to my boyfriend through Skype – he is currently in Canada!! It’s amazing that the internet can bring so many people together – sometimes not always a good thing but for the purpose of keeping this blog just a happy one, we won’t focus on the bad points right now.

For someone who doesn’t understand a thing about computers apart from how to get onto Facebook, internet banking and the occasional YouTube stalking session, its an amazing thing.

Well done humanity for becoming to intelligent! – Well Done!!


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