March 27th

Bank holidays are awesome!!

Because Friday and Monday are both bank holidays as it is Easter weekend, I get paid tomorrow!! Woo!

I have been really good this month and practically budgeted every single day. So tomorrow when I get paid I’m not going to be going crazy for money because I still have done for once!

Isn’t it weird that people in our time have become so dependant on money. I guess that it’s always been like this though. You find roman coins and stuff so humans must have always had prices for things.

Wouldn’t it be weird if you woke up one day and money just didn’t exist. It would be weird as hell! No one would work though which would be bad and everyone would just take things. Maybe it would be the worst thing ever…

This entry is literally me telling you how happy I am they I get paid and how bad the world would be if money didn’t exist – I am so boring and lead an even more boring life.

Help I’m trapped in the cupboard of life.


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