April 2nd

So today I done a massive amount of things!

I had to go to the opticians really early for a contact lens check up. The lady told me I have very dry eyes so she convinced me that I needed to buy eye drops, so I did – damn retail!

Then I went to see my friend and her baby! He is gorgeous! He’s really happy and smiley but he kept getting sick on me. I think this is just a normal baby thing though because Emily used to get sick on me every time I saw her without fail! Didn’t matter what time of the day I went or if she’d eaten or not, just happened.

Whilst I was at Leah’s, Lauren rang and asked if I’d like to go to work in the new Leeds store for a bit so I said yes.

It took me about an hour to get to Leeds because there was loads of traffic. I’m quite good at driving to Leeds and Yorkshire way because James comes from there and we’ve driven to see his family a few times.

The store is tiny but it’s really nice. It has new wallpaper and everything and just looks dead cute!

I then had to drive from Leeds to my house to change and then get my mum to drive me into town for the pulp party.

It was an under 18s party which out company throw in school holidays for our you get customers. It was really good.

I made friends with both bouncers and had a good time with one of the girls I work with. We had 2 live bands and two members of the Blackout doing a DJ set which was good. The kids were going wild! It was awesome.

Bed time now though! Up at 5 to help out in Leeds again!


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