April 13th

I’ve had an awesome day!

This is the second saturday I’ve had off and I’ve really enjoyed myself. I woke up around 9:30am which is earlier than I would have hoped. I got up and got ready and then me, my mum and my sister, Nicola, decided to go to Cheshire Oaks.

I hadn’t been for years so it was really good and a lot better than I had imagined. I treated my mum to lots of lovely stuff. She needed some new bra’s so I made her get measured and I bought her a new set of black and white bra’s so that she could mix and match considering all of her clothes. I also bought her a bag from Fossil which should have been £105 but we got it for £44.99 – God knows who would spend that much anyway!!!

I ended up buying myself a nice checked shirt from Superdry. I don’t usually shop there but I managed to get this top for £20 rather than £40.


After getting home I got ready and then met all of my friends from the store and went for some food. it was so good seeing them all. After a week, I’ve realised how much I miss them all loads!

We went to Nando’s and it was so lovely just being there with them all, chatting, laughing and just having no cares in the world. They got me some awesome presents!


Last Week, I was given this One Direction t-shirt and an iPhone case with all of their faces on =) buzzing!




Millie’s cookie, Card and £50 Topshop Voucher!

I love them all sooooooo much!!!! Deffinatly made friends for life!


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