April 14th

So today I’m absolutely knackered!

I’m wearing my new dress from Tesco though! It’s really pretty and makes me feel summery – even though it’s windy as hell outside!


It’s really light material and is just a nice fit. It’s quite flowy but just goes straight down which is very flattering for girls like me with a bigger bottom.

I just don’t seem to know what to do at weekends. They’re just really boring. I loved having days off in the week when noone else is off work and I can do whatever I need and want to do without everyone else in the general public getting in the way.

I also hate the fact that I need to make a doctors appointment but I can’t go because of induction. It’s ridiculous! Whoever wants to work Monday to Friday is just stupid. It’s not for me!

On a plus side though! I now am able to apply for my visa!!!! I just have to wait until I get paid though as I can’t afford the £300 to send it off yet – bad times for me!

Sundays are boring as hell – get me to work!


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