April 17th

So today at training, I learnt how to restrain people and block any slaps or punches which I may receive from working with people with a mental illness.

It was so much fun! I wasn’t looking forward to it all but when we actually started doing it I realised that I was quite good at picking it up quickly and that I enjoyed rolling around on the floor like a weirdo.

It was really interesting to learn how to hold someone. After seeing it used in a number of my placements, I was always quite worried about how one day I would be in that situation. But after training today I felt a lot more at ease about having to do it in the future at work.

I felt comfortable working with everyone today which was good. It’s very odd to touch people and hold them to the floor when you’ve only ever known them for 6 days.

Me and Luke are quite close which is good. Luke is going to be a support worker at the same unit as me so we hit it off quite quickly. He’s also the only other young person. He’s 24 so around my age which is good.

James has already made jokes about him being my new boyfriend – oh lord!

I start my enhanced training tomorrow though so it’s going to be a lot more intense – Deary Me!!


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