April 19th

I absolutely cannot stand it when people take things or use things without asking.

I have slight OCD regarding my bedroom. Everything in my room has it’s place and I know exactly where everything is meant to be. I’m not just saying this either – I can tell when someone has even just been in my room.

So I stayed out last night and I’ve just come back and noticed that someone had moved my dvd’s.

Now the other day my sister used my straighteners and I told her that I wouldn’t be bothered if she’d just asked me and she said ok and I assumed was absolutely clear on this fact that she just needed to text me. But no, I come in today and she’s been moving all my dvd’s.

I hate it.

I know it’s probably just something that really rattles me and probably wouldn’t annoy other people but I take so much pride in my bedroom and my things.

I’ve always had a job since I was 14 years old so everything I have has been earnt and I’ve bought everything myself. So when people use my things without asking I get really pissed off.

It’s just bloody rude!!!!

I’ve decided that every time someone uses something of mine I’m going to just rob something of theirs.

Sounds drastic but it needs to be done.


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