April 25th

So I have one day left of my induction!!

I’m so happy that I managed to get to the end! Two people have already quit and it’s only been the induction training.

So on Monday, I start my first ever shift as Staff Nurse Joanne! I am so excited. I’m also a bit scared though.

The fact that I will be in charge of doing things and I get to answer the phone and tell people that ‘yes you are speaking to a nurse’ is just unbelievable.

For most of my friends, they started their job pretty quickly after finishing university so I’m the last out of us. So something that has been pretty normal for them now is the most exciting thing ever for me.

We were able to see our pay slip for this month today too.

This is my first ever wage that is over £1000 and I’ve only done 3 weeks out of the month! It’s incredible.

The fact that I will actually be able to have money left over from my car insurance and petrol is the best feeling ever.

I am so excited!!

I am a nurse.


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