May 3rd

The horrible moment when your alarm wakes you up and you just don’t understand why it was set.

This happened to me this morning. My alarm went off at 05:00am as I had set it the previous night. I woke up, turned it off and then had to have a think for a couple of minutes of why I needed to be awake.

Was it the weekend?

Am I at work?

What am I meant to be doing?

So then after the confusion I realised that it was Friday and I had to do a long day at work. BAD TIMES!

I do feel now that I’m starting to feel more comfortable with everyone at work and I feel like I’m starting to be more of my self rather than the odd Joanne that appears shy and quiet as I am actually far from that.

So I’m going to sum up my first week as a nurse in bullet points:

  • I’ve written notes for everyone
  • I’ve painted a mans nails – badly
  • I’ve been on my first ever ramble – this is just a walk really
  • I’ve learnt where the shops are
  • I’ve  witnessed a man walking in very tall, white prostitute style shoes

So starting as a nurse is deffinatly different to how I imagined it to begin with.


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