May 4th

When I woke up I decided that I wanted to watch Life of Pi.

I absolutely loved it.

The beginning of the film worried me a bit. It starts off talking about religion and this seems to be a big part of the film.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like religion. I like that people have something to believe in. I just don’t like films about it really. I always just think its a way to make people turn to a certain belief.

Like I feel that religions all over the world are kind of competing against each other to have the most followers – kind of like twitter.

Anyway, so the film started with this but the way it was portrayed was really good. It basically gave you snippets of some of the gods which are part of the Hindu belief. I found this interesting.

So after the foundations of the story had been set it was time to get to the part about the zoo.

I love animals so I enjoyed this bit. There is one scene which shows Pi luring the tiger, Richard Parker, into the feeding pen with a small bit of meat on his outstretched hand. Pi’s dad comes along pretty quick and saves Pi from getting his arm ripped off.

But then his dad feels the need to teach him a lesson so he gets a live goat as bait and brings the tiger in. Pi is obviously mortified and then all of the curiosity disappears and he isn’t really a child any more.

So then Pi grows up and they have to move out of India because they don’t have enough money. They get on the boat and there’s a really bad storm.

Pi’s family die, he gets in a boat with a zebra and they pick up a hyena, an orang-utan and then Richard Parker, the tiger.

So cutting it a bit short, the hyena kills the zebra and orang-utan and then the tiger kills the hyena.

So Pi and the tiger are stuck on this frigging boat for god knows how long and Pi realises he needs to train Richard so that he won’t eat him.

He trains him and then everything seems ok for a little bit.

There’s are few storms and a few issues with not being able to catch fish and things like this but nothing too major.

Oh yeah and there’s a bit about a magical island that kills everything but is full of meerkats – don’t ask.

So eventually they get to the shore in Mexico. Now Richard jumps off the boat and wanders off, then he just walks into the jungle and never comes back!

I actually cried! It’s horrible! All the things that Pi went through to make sure Richard had water and wasn’t hungry and how does Richard repay him? BY WALKING OFF FOREVER?!?!?

But then in the end Pi is happy with a wife and two children in a lovely looking house.

It’s a crazy film but also absolutely awesome!! I loved it all!

I would give this film 7/10.


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