May 18th

This weekend I have been staying at my nana’s house. Since she had her stroke and heart attack in February she hasn’t been on her own in the house but this weekend my aunties are on a hen weekend in York.

I offered to stay because I don’t stay here much due to a conflict between myself and one of my aunties which just never really got resolved properly. I only really visit if she is at work but I always make time for my nana.

I came here last night after my long day shift at work. She made me dinner which was probably one of the nicest dinners I’ve had in a while. We just watched films all night until we fell asleep in the lounge and thought it would be best if we went to bed.

Then this morning she made me scrambled egg on toast and we made dinner for my family. She gets tired quite quickly and feels really worn out after doing something for a period of time.

She’s also been getting really emotional recently. The nurse told her this was normal after having a stroke but its horrible to see. When I came to see her the other day she got really upset and cried because she said she is going to miss me when I move to Australia.

A part of me wants to wait a few years to go. I struggle when a family member passes away. After my grandma dying suddenly last year, I’ve become very emotional about the subject. I’m also quite over protective now of my nana which I think is a result of losing my grandma.

I don’t want to look back and regret moving to Australia because I’ve missed the last year or so of my nanas life. This was something which seriously made me doubt going in the first place.

I like to check on her regularly in the week and I like to be updated on any changes or what has been said in any doctors appointments.

I’ve really enjoyed this weekend with my nana. It’s rare that me and her can spend quality time together without anyone else being there.

I love my little old Irish nana.



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