May 31st

The Purge

So tonight me and my friend from work went to see The Purge at the AMC cinema in Manchester.

The characters:

Dad – Obviously a workaholic who has raked in the money selling security systems to his neighbourhood. He’s quite strict and looks a little bit like Kevin Bacon.

Mum – Bit of a wimp, quiet and just loves spending time with her kids. Obviously gets pissed of with how dad acts sometimes.

Zoe (daughter) – Pissed off because her dad is strict, especially about boys. At the stage in her life where she hates her dad.

Charlie (son) – Absolute weirdo, has a weird mutilated doll to watch his family and a secret cupboard. Needs a reality check.

So the gist is:

Every year America goes mental and people can do what they want for 12 hours. Family goes on lockdown but son lets in a homeless man who’s shouting for help. Some mental people knock on and ask for the man back and say if they don’t they’ll all die. Family catch the man but feel bad so the mentals get in the house. They kill the dad but neighbours save the mum and kids. Neighbours then try to kill them but the homeless man saves them. When it’s morning the mum turns into a badass and the homeless man walks off.

It’s a weird film. There’s some things that just make you want to scream at the family because they’re being stupid but at some points it can be quite jumpy.

I would probably give it a 7/10.


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