June 4th

Do you believe in fortune tellers or people who can see the future?

I didn’t until recent years.

My auntie is one of those people who seems to have dreams of the future and always dreams when something bad is going to happen.

For example, a year before my granddad died, my auntie had a dream of a funeral. She told me that it was outside her house and there was a coffin with a striped cloth on top and there were lots of family members standing around. She told my granddad about the dream and she told him that it couldn’t have been his funeral as he had been there across the road in line with everyone else.

Just before my granddad died, my aunties managed to get in touch with their cousin who they had not been in contact with before. He was the spitting image of my granddad when he was younger.

My auntie told me that on the day of my granddads funeral, as she walked out of the house and looked up, she saw the same image that she had seen in her dream over a year before. My granddad was from Galway in Ireland and this was the flag which was draped over the coffin, it was striped white and burgundy. The man who my auntie had thought was my granddad was their cousin who they had got in contact with.

Another story my auntie has told me is about how she used to hear my granddad saying her name after he had died.

In February, my auntie told me about a dream she had, an old woman was lying on the floor with blood pouring out of her head. A week later at most, my nana had a heart attack and a stroke as a result of not enough blood going to her brain.

And tonight my good readers, she informed me that last night, she was woken up by a woman’ voice saying her name. After joking around and saying her name a few times, my auntie believed that the voice she heard was me. She also told me that she had a weird feeling to look at the clock, it said 02:45am.

Now, I’m worried that I may die or something very serious is going to happen and it’s just the scariest feeling ever. Imagine feeling like something really bad is going to happen but you just don’t know what or when. God knows.


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