June 11th

That feeling of relief and joy and utter astounded-ness after clearing out some of your clothes!

You just cannot beat it!

I’ve always been really particular about my bedroom. I always keep it tidy and every thing has a place. Only recently have I noticed that I think I may be borderline hoarder-ish.

Everything has a place but for someone who just walks into my room it just looks a bit cluttered! I know where everything is and where everything should be, but it does look a little untidy.

My mum has gone on a throwing away spree this weekend and managed to get 8 bags of clothes ready to be thrown away. I thought right I need to join in on this action!

I managed one black bin bag and I feel awesome.

I went through my wardrobe and just thought, if I haven’t wore it in 6 months or more, throw it!

It worked a treat! I feel so much lighter!

With my move to Australia in 3 months too, I just need to get rid of as much crap as I can to make it easier to move all of my rubbish over to Melbourne. I’m going to keep a lot here in the loft and in a big cupboard in the corner of my bedroom now (soon to be my sisters bedroom) and then bring just the necessities and then a few comforts.

I love anything that has sentimental value and I think this is the problem really. I love photos too so I have loads of photo albums and frames so they’ll be something I will deffinatly be taking.

I also have a memory box with loads of rubbish in that I’ve collected since high school. I have birthday cards from my 12th birthday (10 years ago!) and just lots of stuff that I couldn’t ever throw away.

That’ll be a pain to get rid of when the time comes!!


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