August 11th

After my strange night at my work friends BBQ last night, I had a second BBQ to attend tonight!

One of my best friends has an annual BBQ and this year she decided to theme it in Australian items such as flags, crocodiles etc.

Now I decided that I wanted to get really drunk, because I didn’t the night before and also because one of my friends girlfriends’ thinks I want him and she was going so I wanted to avoid awkwardness completely.

I drove to my friend Shaunagh’s first and we had a drink and a shot and then our other friend arrived with his girlfriend – yep, that one.

I said hi and offered them all a drink (really only looking at her) and she just kind of blanked me! I left it at that.

We got to the BBQ at around half 6. I noticed that I knew more people than I actually thought I would which was awesome.

I got really drunk and then decided to make it up to myself for completely sucking at beer pong last night, I would play it tonight. I tell you something…I was frigging awesome!!!

I got out loads of people and every time I was on a team, it won!!

Overall it was such a good night and I really enjoyed myself.

I’m going to miss all my friends when I move to Oz!


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