August 26th

Today, I had a lovely day. It started awfully though.

I stayed at my friends last night and we drank some cider and then went to bed. It was a really good relaxing evening and I really enjoyed it. So I drove home this morning and noticed a missed call from a lad from work (the same lad that made plans with me but then never text me). We had plans today so I assumed he was ringing about that. But no. It was his friend telling me he wasn’t meeting me because he was getting drunk with him instead.

Now I honestly would not give a monkeys arse about him not meeting, but the fact he has asked me to do something with him 3 BLOODY TIMES!!! and has either not text, not followed through or got his stupid imbocile of a friend to ring me is absolutely ridiculous.

I have to see him in work tomorrow as well!

I didn’t let this bother me too much though because I went shopping with my mum and sister instead and I had a really good day. We shopped in Manchester and then went for some food. It was nice having a girly day and just not worrying about anything.

I came home and tried to finish off some more packing too. This went okay, I filled a box of clothes and started another box. I have 3 full boxes so far and I’ve filled around a quarter of a 4th box. I contacted the company today though to see how much it would cost to upgrade my boxes so they arrived in around 2 weeks instead of 8-12. Hopefully not too much!!

So I have plans with some university friends tomorrow to meet up for dinner. God knows if this is going to go ahead as they are very unorganised with things like this due to them always ending up doing something else!!!

We shall see!


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