August 29th

So I’ve been able to sort my boxes out today. I’ve been packing for about 2 weeks here and there and what’s good is that I have finally filled 3 boxes and half of my fourth box, meaning that I have nearly finished!!

I emailed the shipping company and was told that 4 boxes weighing 20kg each would cost me £480 to be shipped over and would be there in 2 weeks. Now I think this is pretty cheap. £120 a box. And when you think about how much stuff you own.

I didn’t realise how many belongings I had until I started to pick which things I wanted to take and which things I should leave behind.

I weighed the three full boxes this evening and after worrying that they would be too heavy, I found out that they were all between 14kg and 17kg! Result!!

Now I just have to pay!!!


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