September 23rd

So I started work today. I was on an early so I got to work for 7am. Dave gave me a lift because he’s awesome which meant I got an extra 45 minutes in bed! Absolute gem!

It went okay, nothing too hectic or horrible happened which is always a plus. I did find out that someone took an overdose on Friday which meant that everyone was a little edgy.

I met all of the staff but learnt that 3 people had handed their notice in the previous week (not always a good sign really!).

After being there for about 4 hours, there was a meeting held by the executive director asking people if anyone would like to take unpaid leave – What the hell!?

I nearly shit myself! On my first day, the director was asking people if they wanted to leave?! Why hadn’t I been informed the hospital wasn’t doing well at all and that they were struggling?!

There is no way I’m taking unpaid leave!


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