November 19th

I am now the proud owner of a gorgeous baby German shepherd.


I have called her Moo. I’m not sure why. I just thought it’d be an amazing name.

Me and Dave picked her up at around 5pm and she is gorgeous. The man we bought her from was called Ken. He was built like a brick shit house. It was unbelievable.

After talking for a short time we realized that this man trained dogs for the police and for security. He breeds his dogs for the police which is awesome.

He showed us Moo’s father who was 51kg and huge! He then went on to tell us that her mother was 46kg and Moo would grow up to be one huge dog.

We got her home and I was quite worried about how Lucy would react to a puppy being in the house because she’s quite boisterous. It turned out that she loves her!

The only bad thing is the fact that I was up all night with her. Her and Lucy were fighting all night (nicely playing but extremely loudly). Then Dave thought that she may need a wee so I had to get up for that. Then this morning they started fighting again. I had about 4 hours sleep.

I’m on a night shift tonight too. God knows how I’m going to stay awake all night after the night I just had!

She is cute though!




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