December 28th

Today after work, I had plans with my best friend Chris.

Our manager at work has left and he asked if anyone wanted to go for a drink tonight. So me and Chris decided that as he was not really liked, we would go just to make sure at least somebody went to bid him farewell.

We met at Flinders Street train station at 19:00 and went for a little something to eat before starting our journey of trying to find the bar which he had organized the meeting place to be.

All the way there, we were constantly questioning why we were going. We felt nervous, awkward and pretty scared. God knows why, but we did.

So we spot the bar and start walking slowly towards it as though we were worried it was going to attack us. We got to the door and I don’t know why but we walked straight past it. We kept walking.

We kept walking and then spotted two other people from work who were obviously going to the bar for this meeting. We kept walking.

They didn’t spot us. We kept walking.

We stopped just past a few of the other bars and looked back and felt a little guilty that we hadn’t gone in. We stood here for about 5 minutes questioning ourselves yet again on whether we should go in or not!

We decide to go back.

We walk and walk but as we get closer to the door, our ex manager walks round the corner, directly in eye view, directly in front of us, and walks into the bar.

We turned around and ran. Yes, I said ran.

We ran away like children.

Really fast.

So fast, that a group of young lads laughed at us.

SO fast, that we were out of breath and our dresses flew up.

So we met our other friend instead for a short time before coming home.

Strangest and most adventurous night in Melbourne so far.

Shouldn’t be allowed out on our own.


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